Monday, August 30, 2010

A Milestone for me

On Saturday the 28th of august 2010 was small marker in my life.
I have been blogging for two years.
I used to say I would never blog. I think I should never say never.
I started this to promote my business and my art, but...
I have met so many talented, friendly, beautiful, giving, and wonderful people in blog land.
I have learned so much about myself.
I never thought I would last this long.
I have enjoyed writing, something I never thought I would enjoy...

Maybe I should never say never.


  1. You and me both Marie! Every time I say *never*...guess what is sitting in my lap in the not too distant future?
    Congrats on two years! Its a lot of words, a lot of photos, and a lot of WORK! ;)


  2. funny that this should come up on my sidebar, marie. i was thinking of you just as you posted. and that's the best part: the connections somehow find their way to one another. for the most part i count blogging as something precious in my life. i learn and love and laugh and lament and linger, sometimes all at the same time.

    thank you for the pleasure, marie. the feeling is likewise and ditto.


  3. congratulations!
    I feel the same way!!!

  4. Congratulations Marie! I know I for one enjoy your blog and am so glad you're here!!

  5. I'm feeling very lucky with such a wonderfull friend like you Marie!
    I don't have facebook, i never twitter, i didnt know what blogging was until one year ago. I didnt know how long,but i checked my profile just now and see that i blog for 1 year in september!
    I never expected to meet some reaaaaly nice lady's uphere.
    Pattee Graham is gonna visit Esther and me in september or oktober, isn't that cool?!

  6. Congrats Miss Marie on 2 years!!! You sure have worked long and hard on it and you deserve a huge pat on the back...instead how bout a huge hug??? Wishing you many more friends, fun times and blogging years to come...Beth

  7. Congratulations on your 2 years! That is awesome! I am so thrilled that you did start blogging, if you had not, I would have never have had the pleasure of knowing you. Wishing you many, many more years of blogging! Big, big hugs to you!


  8. Thank you so much Anne. Say hello to my little friend "never". LOL!!
    Thank you Anne for understanding.

  9. I love the connections too kj! That is the best part.
    I am honored to call you friend!

  10. Ahhhh thank you Sweet Peggy.
    I like how kindred spirits find each other here.
    I thought I recognized you! ;-D

  11. Ahhhhhhhh Darla, thank you very very much. you made my week.

  12. Congratulations! Two years and many more to come. Don't stop blogging. Its better than FB !

    I learned a long time ago never to say never!!
    Did't you watch the Bond movies?

  13. Hi Sweetie, Happy 2 years Marie Yep...never say never! lol
    Back in June (to be exact the 30th) I had my 1st year anniversary. Do you know remember what my very first post was??? "My Thanks to you Marie" Wow...that seems like it was only yesterday. I'm still saying today, My Thanks to you Marie my sweet and very dear friend!
    Happy Anniversary!
    Giant hugs and much love...

  14. I feel very lucky to have met you Donna.
    Congratulations on your year!! Very Nice!!
    Oh I think it will be wonderful if Pattee visits. I wish I could too!

  15. Awww thank you dear Beth. Pats or hugs, I will gladly take both! ;-D
    Sorry about your baby dog.
    Hige hugs.

  16. Dede I am so glad I started too, that's how I met you and I am so grateful!!
    I hope there are many many more years too!
    Thank you so much.

  17. Thank you so much Carol! I don't have a facebook, Howard does that one. I already have so much on my plate.
    I am thinking about removing never from my vocabulary.
    I watched them, but maybe I need to watch them again.

  18. Awwwwwwwww thanks Bobbi.
    Much love and healing hugs to you Dear one!!

  19. Congratulations, Marie! I know what you mean--it opens up a whole new world for us that we didn't even know was there!

  20. Congratulations on such a wonderful milestone, Marie. I am MOST delighted that you started blogging and that I got to meet and become friends with you. Here's to another two more amazing years! :) Theresa

  21. Congratulations!!! Blogland will not be the same without you. Hope you stay forever!!! I said the same about blogging - if I haven´t started I would never have met you. You mean a lot to me!! Big hugs!!


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