Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day of the dead kind of day

I made some new day of the dead earrings and listed them in my store.
This holiday is one of my favorites.
I adore making bright flowers and I adore making skulls, it is so perfect.

I also met a glass artist named Amy. 
She has some beautiful work and a shop at Etsy

Amy's glass is so richly beautiful and so well crafted it makes my heart sing.
Even the holes are smooth and clean, I love that.
Please stop by and take a look at her work. 
Nice Glass!!


  1. I'm so happy to see you are creating Marie....

    I wore my broach you made at a wedding and people were in awe of it~: )

    Is Sandy Camp still open ~ do you know? Why do I think you know everything : )

    Much love ~Pattee

  2. I love flamekeepers work, particularly her frogs!

  3. Love your earrings!!! They are beautiful Marie!
    And the colors would go good with the glass beads too,which are very nice.
    Glad you're doing something fun---hope you're back on your feet full force.


  4. Hi Marie! I love those earrings! You make the best skulls ever. :) Amy's glass is gorgeous! How's my little friend doing? Is she keeping you extra busy? Love to you! xox Pam

  5. Hey Marie,
    Your glass earrings are awesome. I adore skulls. I also love Amy's glass work!!

  6. I love DOD as well and have been thinking about it a lot lately. I can't wait to see what else you come up with.

  7. These are so bright and cheerful Marie! Nice work. I'll bet they sell out fast. Nice glass, ha hah, yes, it is.

  8. Hello and congratulations!

    You won my give-away. Please drop me a line and email me your mailing address. If you are giving me a P.O. Box, please know that the package measures at least 9" x 12". Due to customs requirements, I do not think I can send to a P.O. Box, if you live across the ocean. I will email you when I have mailed your package. Thank you for participating.


  9. I love your new earrings, and your new unzipped heart on fire. Very cool! Wishing you a week of fantastic sales!


  10. Wow, Marie! These creations are so much fun - the colors perfectly represent the holiday. Hope you have been well...take care! Theresa :)

  11. I don't like colorfull things, but i looove your colorfull style! I really don't know why,hahaha! Amy's work is beautiful too!


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