Monday, August 23, 2010

Clay Day- Bottles of Hope

 08/21/10 was Clay Day with my polymer clay guild the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild.
We make Bottles of Hope for the Moore's Cancer Center at UCSD in San Diego.
We made 51 bottles yesterday for the center.
We took 54 bottles to the center on tuesday 08/17/10

Yay team! 
Bottles of Hope are bottles covered with clay and donated to the cancer centers and hospitals all over the world and given to people going through cancer. You can read about them at the link.

They are a pure gift of love and hope. The work, the clay, the bottles and the good intentions are completely given from each artists heart. They are never charged for.
It is one of my Guild outreach programs and we make a lot of them, gladly.
I am proud of us.
Marni's bottle

Linda's bottle
Sylvia's bottle


  1. These are fantastic Marie!! LOVE them!

  2. Beautiful bottles of hope, Marie!

  3. your work always makes my jaw drop - without fail!!

  4. OH Thank you Darla!! You are so sweet!
    I feel that way about your work.

  5. These are really fabulous! What a kind and talented, generous group all you are.

  6. These are wonderful!!! I still have to pinch myself and say, yes, it is CLAY......geez! and WOW too! ;D


  7. Thank you Mirame, I think our group did a fabulous job and there were only about 10 of us there.
    Damn good job!!

  8. This is a marvelous project. The bottles are beautiful and you can certainly see the work and thought each artist contributed.

    I know this means so much. My neice had breast cancer and shared some of her feelings with me.

    You can certain know that your bottles are appreciated.

  9. Thank you Nicks. What a very nice thing to say>
    Bless you!

  10. We are a good group Jan and this is just one of our outreach programs. There are a few.
    The last three bottles were made for the latest members of our own group that have gone through that life altering event called cancer.
    It has touch us all pretty relentlessly.

  11. Thank you Carol.
    My husband had cancer and I know when we got some bottles from our guilds, it was a very bright spot in an ugly ugly moment.
    I hope your niece is doing very well now.
    And may cancer never ever v

  12. Hi Marie, OMGoshhhhhhh Sweetie these are just wonderful! I almost balled my eyes out when I seen them! How sweet, kind, generous and loving you all are! Hope you're doing well! Have a great day!
    Hugs and much love to you...

  13. Thanks Bobbi. I am very lucky to have a wonderful guild, they are kind and so giving.
    I did bring the whip though on saturday, LOL!!
    No breaks either.

  14. The bottles are beautifully done! I bet your guild has as much enjoyment making them as giving them away for this worthy cause!

  15. Beautiful bottles Marie!!!!
    I was a part of the Bottles of Hope for awhile... I should definitely get back in to that! It's such a worthy cause...

    Much love to you on this Monday afternoon~

  16. Wow these are fantastic!!!!! and for such a great cause. Good job.

  17. It is Craftymoose(D).
    We always have a good time making them.
    So many of us have been touched by this disease more than we want to be, so we eat potluck and I bring the whip and we make bottles until people are falling down.
    When we take them in and one of the patients says "this is for me?" you know it was all worth every moment and that you have given them something to smile about for a little bit.
    I can imagine it is hard to smile sometimes in treatment.

  18. Thanks Pattee. You should. ;-)
    It is for a very good cause...a brief moment of hope!

  19. Thanks Nicole!
    We think it is an awesome cause.

  20. Oh Marie what a wonderful group of people you work with to do something that is such a blessing to so many! The bottles are of course just gorgeous! The love shows in the beauty! Many, many blessings to you and your group!


  21. Fantastic work - and fantastic that you´re thinking of others in that way. Marie - you have a huge reason to be proud!!!! Big hugs and love!!!

  22. Just wonderful--I love when artists use their creative gift just for this reason!

  23. they are simply beautiful... and I am sure such an inspiration... blessings

  24. Marie, these are so beautiful, and the love that is in each one is shining through! You are good people. :) love to you - xoxox!!

  25. they're really wonderfull Marie! what a super nice thing to do!

  26. these jump with creativity, color and design. i can't believe the intricacy of clay here. most impressive in effort and in cause. what a good idea, marie. isn't it great to be with people who share like this? yay for each of you.

    love love

  27. Wow - you should be proud of the group. All these bottles are so amazingly beautiful - and full of hope. What a great thing! Thank you for sharing this! Theresa

  28. Oh Marie, I love them all. Love the idea and that you give hope to others. DeLovely. Renee would love this BIG. **blows kisses** Deb

  29. Thanks so much Dede. I do have a great group and I feel very lucky to have them.

  30. Thanks Lone. It does give us all a great feeling.

  31. Thanks Mother Moon. Another wonderful advantage of making these bottles is the ideas that come to you through the process. I love that part too!


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