Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lone Rocks

It seems that a lot of wonderful friendships and lasting relationships are made over these Internet energy connections. I hear this from my bestest blog buddies all of the time.
We appear so surprised that this is happening. How can something like that happen? The only contact we ever have sometimes with these people is talking to them through commenting on blogs, admiring their art work, words, a confession of true life, reaching out to talk to someone that is ill, and a myriad of possibilities over a wire, a signal, or a satellite connection.
I too have experienced this connection.
I have reached out, been accepted, and even witnessed people living and dying on this broadband.
I am amazed everyday by the strength of my feelings and even my own honesty in this medium.
And personally, I think this is wonderful.
One of my good friends had told me once, "I love the Internet and meeting people there first, I get to know them from the inside out instead of from the outside in", this rings true for me everyday!
I am infinitely grateful.
One of my recent connections is Lone from Flowermouse design . She  is an awesome person and artist.
We traded pieces and I got the best deal ;-]. I had said that I liked her bread mouse with cheese.

Now the pictures she took are wonderful, but in person...
there is no comparison.

The little mouse looks just like a piece or loaf of yummy crusty french bread.
Isn't he the cutest thing you have ever seen? The cheese looks real too.
He is so cute I just want to eat him up!!
Num num num!!!
I keep him near me just so I can smile again and again.

Then I got this beautifully detailed sea urchin necklace. I wish you could hold it and see how real it looks. Howard asked me if it was real. He even held it in his hands, I turned over and showed him how Lone had written me a note in the bottom. He turned it back over to look at it again. I think he thinks I am putting him on!!

This started when I was influenced by Lone's zipper mice. It was the perfect art storm for me.  Everything came together and my "unzipped hearts" came out.

I wanted to do something for her for inspiring me, so I made her one of my zippered pieces and sent it to her.
And the rest is a blog connection history!!
Is this wonderful or what? I can meet people that I would never run in to in my backyard!
I honor the people I have run in to and will run in to. My tribe is huge!
Thank you Lone, I love my new pieces from you, dearly!


  1. Ooooooooooooooooooooo I love them all! Bread mouse is adorable AND edible. I have been so wound up in sewing and the tea party that I have been a bad bloggy friend and worse letter writer. **weeps** However, it is not going to improve this week, cuz at this very moment, SPC Ryan is driving home from Fort Hood, through Texas with the hurricane right behind him. Prayers of safety would be greatly appreciated. **blows kisses** Deb

  2. Oh Deb I am so excited for you!!
    I am praying!!

  3. Dear Marie!
    Your have said what I have felt and said since I became a member of the blog community. I have found friends that I would have never known and some are closer that anyone else I know in real time. I am so glad that you have experienced this also.
    Warmest Regards,

  4. marie, you have written this so accurately and beautifully i don't think it could be improved by a single word. yes, love from the inside out first.

    lone's mouse is so totally adorable! i can see why you would be smitten and want to keep him close. what a great inspired and inspiring friendship you have with one another. and there is an exciting future ahead for more and more.

    i hope you don't mind my presumption that i am a proud member of your tribe. the sisterhood...


  5. I have experienced it with you Carol. I consider you part of my tribe.
    It blows my mind how many people I find common life experiences with. I am thoroughly enjoying my global family here on the internet!

  6. This is so very true, Marie - I have experienced the very same thing. And I count YOU among them. You have been so kind and generous and is people like you who truly make this worthwhile and give me the personal strength and courage to move forward. :) Theresa

  7. Coming from you my dear word weaver that is a precious comment.
    Kj You are indeed a tribal member, indeed. No doubt about it!!
    Singe sisters all the way baby!!

  8. Thank you Theresa, thank you!
    I have felt that way about you from the first time I met you!!
    You are, yourself, a very generous, very kind, and very warm person.
    Aren't we blessed to have run in to each other???

  9. Oh i love the bread and cheese (flower) mouse!!

  10. Dearest Marie,
    Thank you so much for these kind words. And it´s true - friends on the internet share a part of themselves which other people understand. We are part of a community of sharing hearts - cause our art comes from our hearts. I´m so blessed to have found you online, Marie. Thank you for everything you´re giving to me with you wonderful words!!!
    Big hugs

  11. I too have met so many wonderful, caring, talented people through blogs. I do think your friend is right in getting to know someone from the inside out. I am so blessed with the friendships that have been found here.


  12. What lovely pieces to share with each other. I have also met wonderful friends through blogging that I would have never, never been able to get to know. How awesome is that! I love the direction you are going with your hearts. I love the idea of unzipping your heart. Lone's mice are marvelous. She is inspiring to be sure. Great art. Both of you gals rock for sure!

  13. It is amazing the people we have had the opportunity to get to know through the web---a support group far better than any other.....people who are good in a world that is currently going the other direction, I think sometimes.
    I am blessed with my blog-friends......words are not enough!!!


  14. Nowadays it aint strange anymore to have more internet friends than "real" friends...
    It's kinda sad in a way, but i don't care now.
    I moved a lot in my life,so my "friends" dissapeared. I'm not a person who needs a lot of people around me. Since i'm creating, i never feel lonely. If i'm feeling sad, i have some sweet internet friends, including you, who cheer me up ;-)
    I hope to visit some of my overseas friends when i have enough money. It would be so cool to meet them in person!
    Your mices are wonderfull Marie!

  15. I could not agree with you more, Marie. I, too, have been blessed with many new friends via blogging. There are so many nice, caring people, and their generosity has amazed me. I am happy to count you among my new friends!

  16. That's exactly how i feel with many of my loving blogger friends, Marie, and you're one of them, you know it... But you wrote much better than I would ever express.

    Your art is cherishd and honored placed at our altars as a bond of our friendship.

    Kisses and love from us.

  17. Oh! These are such TREASURES! Little bread mouse is delectable! Better keep her away from Madi, or it's nom nom nom for sure! And are you serious? The sea urchin is not real??? GET. OUT. It's stunning! And your little zipper heart is too adorable for words! Love the little splashes of color on it.

    But the real and true treasures are the friendships. You are part of my blog family, Marie, and I just love you!

  18. oh Marie. You hit the nail on the head with this post, so very true. I have a better understanding of all the romances I hear about, developing over the internet. It can be true, to get to know a person from the inside out, good words. I am so glad I started my blog and am allowed to get to know wonderful people like you. Thanks for letting me into your art from the heart.

    Oh, and now I feel hungry, I want to have some bread for dinner. Those gifts are adorable!

  19. Happy 4th of July Marie!!!!!
    Love to you ~Pattee

  20. The mouse is so cute!
    Happy 4th to you :)

  21. i know what you mean, i love my blogging friends and have had the honour of meeting one in person everyone is lovely, and its nice to meet like minded people xxxx

  22. Oh, Marie, these are all wonderful!! Hers and yours!! You are so right about this blogging community. I'm so glad we met!!! Much love, Silke

  23. Sweet Marie! Come visit my blog today!! Love, Silke

  24. Oh where oh where has my little Marie gone??? Chasing the baby or making heart? My whirlwind is about to settle down a bit...Ryan leaves in the morning. Then next Friday hubby is moving Gillian (new bride) to Texas for Ryan. I will write letters when he is gone! **blows kisses** Deb

  25. hi Marie! haven't see you for a week now.
    is everything ok?
    maybe your very buisy with the vampirewinged zipheart? :-) I've been practicing small orphan girl heads, but they didn't turn out the same as their big sisters :-( I so much hope i can make you a beautiful pendant!

  26. Hello, sweet sister Marie! Hope you're doing well and not working too hard. A girl's got to have her time by the pool with a nice cool drink and handsome gentlemen nearby. ;-) Thank you for your loving words. They meant a lot to me. Kiss little Madi for me. Please do find time to relax, okay? Have a wonderful summer!


  27. I know it's been awhile since I visited your blog. I keep thinking I'll get here, and life gets in the way. Then the heat wave set in, and I'm doing any and everything I can to stay cool. Excuses aside, I really love the zippered heart. When I first saw it, I thought you embedded a real zipper in the clay. Trying to learn more about this process, I searched for "zipper" posts and found the one about Lisa Pavelka's molds and it all clicked. I really love this piece and will actively look for that mold at my craft store. You have really inspired me!

  28. Aaaw Marie, I have not been by. I wish I could say I have been on a creative blizzard, not even a hurricane, just work. Everything looks good and the mouse sure looks edible.! Tsup!


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