Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It is never too early for Halloween and Fall

I know you are all having fun and playing in the sun, but it is never to early to start getting ready for Halloween and fall.

Becca from Seasons Art http://www.etsy.com/shop/seasonsart1031  aka Magikal Seasons has just put up a new Treasury to get you in the mood!! What a great team we have, check it out!! You will be glad you did.

Thank you Becca for including me!



  1. Hi Marie,
    You are so right! Most of the clay people I know start listing Halloween face cabs and DOD now. Hard to believe unless you are someone that sells her work!

  2. Marie, this is so adorable. Love it!

  3. Okay, I don't know what happened but I had this lengthy comment to make up for the length of time I have been absent from your blog and I pressed the mouse and the screen refreshed.

    Anyway, I hope your walls are clean now. Are you sure it was your mind? Hard to believe because you just showed us an excellent play on words: Rip Fear. Mental ninja!

  4. Oh Gawd MArie! I love it!!!!
    I have had the most compliments on your heart....you just ROCK girl! (but you knew that....)


  5. Hi Marie! Hope you are well. This piece is great. And you are right - it's never too early for Halloween! ;) Theresa

  6. What a great headstone Marie!!!
    I've been a bit worried since you hadn't posted on your blog for a bit... see how addicted I am to your blog : )

    We aren't in the sun : ( rain and cold windy weather....

    Becca is so sweet and I feel lucky she's included me at times....

    Love to YOU!

  7. Oh yeah, lookin' good Marie! I like it. You are in fine company with that Treasury.

  8. I love your new pieces, but then I love them all. This weather sure has me looking forward to Fall. Wishing you a tranquil week!


  9. what a great message, marie. this is one of those aha! clever phrases no one else thinks of until some special clever woman like you does.
    and then everyone thinks, 'how awesome is that!"

    so nice to hear from you yesterday. i've been thinking of you and sending you secret messages in the clouds.


  10. Oh YAY. Put fear in it's place!!! I will need three please; one for each wrist and one to glue on my forehead. **blows kisses** Deb


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