Sunday, July 11, 2010

Update and apology!

I am so sorry to leave you all hanging.
I was in a creative blizzard. I could not stop making things. I adore that!

This is a new heart. I am deep in to this series, I call them "hearts of stone".

I am also in to making quite a few sacred hearts right now.

I did a new steampunk unzipped heart with an angel, I absolutely love this one.

There is more too.

We were training a new employee

She is quite friendly.
And so willing to be helpful.
Training this new employee is taking up most of my time and she is very busy and wants to know everything.
The only problem is no one understands her on the phone!

I love this picture of Madi, she would rarely play with this adding machine until we plugged it in. Now she loves it.

I made a couple of trades with people and have been working on those. I can't show you pictures because they haven't gotten them yet.
One is another version of... HEARTS, go figure.

I don't need to get smacked with a 2 by 4 to know I deep in to this heart thing.

I have also gotten addicted to Etsy Treasuries, I love making them. I love looking at them and I love talking to people afterwards. Who would have thunk it?

Here they are to look at.

I really want to do this all day but I finally had to put the computer down.
There is so much talent out there and some really interesting things, it just amazes me.

I am trying to do an hour each day for clutter clearing and getting rid of things, reorganizing the house, cleaning and making things easier around home. I usually start with an hour and then find I am doing way more than that.
I have a very hard time with deciding which to let go of.
Like how many cheese graters do I really need, could I use them for an art thing, I will think of something to do with this tomorrow and then I do, my recycling heart says don't you dare get rid of that. LOL!! you see my dilemma don't you? And is it really clutter clearing if you move it from your house to your studio?
Life is just expanding and I have a hard time managing everything.

I am cutting back trees and bushes, trying to get rid of the extra there too. I haven't done much gardening this year and it feels good to get outside.
We have been so very lucky here to have wonderful and mild weather and I am just loving it. I am so grateful and I hope it continues.
I have my own personal summer wherever I go, so any extra is just to much.
It is actually cool and nice. We might be the only place that is though from what I hear!
Stay cool all of you!
We do though have a mockingbird that thinks it is still night in the morning with the june and july gloom. He never shuts up. He must be exhausted.

My life has been busy, but my blog friends are never far from my mind.
I do get to stop by once in a while and sometimes even leave a brief comment, but when I look at the calender I realize I haven't commented in a long time. I do read the blogs a lot when I have the time in the morning when Madi is down for a little nap (very little). I also have to cram so many other things in that time too.
What I want to know is "how did I do this before?"
I have finally figured out why you should not have children at this time of your life.
I was beating my self up for not reading all of the blogs and visiting, but I was also finding that I needed to sleep. Not just my usual 6 hours, but sometimes 8 or 9. I am just plain tired when I finally go to sleep and boy do I sleep well. So the sleepless nights from menopause are somewhat eliminated with watching this child.
I apologise for my absence, and thank you for sticking with me in my vacancy, I will be back!

I want to welcome all of my new followers, thank you!
Love and hugs to you all my pretties!!


  1. First of all I love your helper what a cutie she is!!!! Who cares if she knows the lingo!!!

    Your hearts are amazing!!!

    Clutter... That is in my life also Marie. I go through and say can I buy this again at a reasonable price? Or is it something I couldn't get again easily....
    LOL I too think how mane tablespoons and tsp to I really need!!! Measuring cups??? bowls????

    Sleep is a very important thing ~: )

    I was so surprised that my husband treated me to NIADA... I'm rooming with Jacqui of Odd Dollz... Gail Lackey and I were supposed to meet up but she has stuff going on : (

    I'm excited for Sandy Camp... I've talked with some people... looks like it has to be moved!

    Much Love~Pattee

  2. I'm glad you are back Marie! I just spent a fun half hour looking at all your great treasury's. Now I'm probably going to waste more time looking at other Etsy stuff. Glad you are doing well and enjoying your summer. It is cool here too and I'm not minding a bit.

    You sure have a cute new customer relations employee. Who cares if you can't understand a word she says?

  3. Oooh I love these hearts! Hello my friend, I see you have been busy too. Before I started my job I was babysitting my 4 yr old grandson 12 hours a day. I was exhausted! I truly understand and know how you feel. I will have a look at the etsy treasuries. I have been wanting to look into making some of them too. I am just getting to know etsy and trying to spend a little more time there. I made three rings today using some of the awesome and beautiful roses I got from you. I love them! They are in my new blogpost.
    Well, I guess I better get busy. Lots to do and tomorrow its back to the 9 - 5 job. I am so grateful, but I sure miss being home. I have become such a homebody as I have gotten older. You take care, have a pretty day! (()) gail

  4. Man, you HAVE been busy. Well, that's good. It beats looking for your Muse!! The Hearts of Stone is a great collection. You know I COVET all of your work and cherish the ones I own.
    xx, Carol

  5. LOVE your helper, she's adorable, but agree, probably best to find her something besides the phones lol.

    That first heart is wonderful, I love that you left the heart so simple, really sets off all the detail around it. And I love all your hearts with zippers, they are great. I use a lot of hearts, please don't apologize for hearts :)

    I think it is decluttering if you move it to your studio, the real question is how long is it's shelf life in it's new location lol

    I really don't like mockingbirds, used to have a pair that would physically attack my cat, he was terrified for a long time to be in that area, I hope yours are nicer!


  6. Thank you Pattee, she keeps me very busy and is so busy ll of the time. The girl never stops.

    Thank you so much, I am really having a great time making hearts. I am thinking of many different ways to make them too. Things just keep popping in to my head!

    Pattee I have decided that I do not need 58 ways to slice cheese ;-] LOL!!
    2 should be fine.
    I like to dream, so sleep is important to me.
    Who has time to clean house anyway?
    I am so glad you are going to NIADA I am sure you will have a wonderful time.
    Ya things change, I am sure we will have a beautiful place in time.

  7. Me too Jan it feels good to post again. I have to leave next week, but after that I am home for awhile to get back in the swing of things.
    Ya I am loving this weather, we are having spring (so. cal spring)in summer and it is just lovely. Even rained a little. Crazy but good. We are usually pushing 3 digits at this time.

    She is a cutie, I think we will keep her.

  8. Thank you so much Gail.

    LOL!! I bet getting your new job was kind of like vacation LOL!! The grand kids have so much energy. Too bad they can't bottle it eh?
    New rings? I am off to check it out.

  9. Good to see you posting again, Marie! How wonderful your new art pieces are. They're gorgeous. Creating treasuries is quite have quite the talent for it. And I think your new assistant is quite the cute charmer. Who wouldn't want to be greeted with a smile like that? :) Theresa

  10. Such a busy bee (good thing you have added your little helper)! I love the heart line! Glad to hear that you are getting out in the garden -- so therapeutic!

  11. OMG marie, there is so much wonderful here i don't know where to begin.

    okay, first: your hearts are exquisite. keep it up girl. you are doing your life's work with these hearts and it shows.

    next, your assistant looks totally capable of anything that may be required of her. her face alone will meet most of your needs.

    finally, it's always a pleasure when you drop by but no pressure, as you know. it's enough that it's all so fun and invigorating.

    love love

  12. Oh thank you Carol. I am so glad you like your pieces That makes me so happy!!

  13. Thanks Lynn she is a good helper.
    I love that heart too. I think it might be one of my favorites.
    I do not use a lot of pink in my work and I am surprised at how much I like this one.
    I love that you use hearts too!!
    Such a wonderful symbol with universally beautiful meanings.

    LOL I know if I move it to my studio it may spend years there too. Well, then I could seel it as vintage on esty, LOL!!

  14. Thank you Theresa. I like the new direction too!
    I like making the treasuries, so addictive.
    And boy can you take a lot of time doing them too!!
    She hase the best smile and her eyes and face just light up when she smiles. She is a little charmer and lights my life!!

  15. Thanks Moonwolf.
    Yeah is is so good to get outside. Sometimes I feel like I live in a cave!!

  16. Hi Marie! Welcome back dear! Your steampunk unzipped angel is soooo beautiful! Now i am so curious about.... ;-)
    Madie is such a sweety!
    I'm sorry for my short comment,but i can't write english the way i should :-( I would like to say much more,but don't know all the words i want to use.
    Well, i know you understand me.

  17. OK, you're gonna know I'm blond now.....replied to this on your wordpress blog...been a wicked crazy week already, I hope it gets better from here on out!

  18. Hey, Marie.
    Madi is so sweet! What a little cutie pie.
    Don't worry about commenting.... I've been in a bit of a blogger rut myself.
    Love, love your new pieces!!

  19. Love your little helper...and you have been busy!!! Marie, I love the detail in your work, exquisite! okay back to work!!! I still feel in la la land!

  20. OMGoodness where to begin!!! I WANT MADI!!! So so adorable. Guilt free blogging. Period. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new hearts! I just slapped myself for not getting over to your ETSY to shop. Hubby is moving the new bride to Texas this weekend so I will have four days along and PROMISE TO WRITE to everyone. Tomorrow I help her pack. A happy flurry of activities, but you sound really really busy! I am ever so impressed. **blows kisses** Deb

  21. Oh my heavens Marie!!!! your little helper is as cute as can be!!! and your new hearts are amazing....especially the zipper piece!! wow wow and wow!!!


  22. I love, love, love these new hearts. My heart is pining for one, so maybe you will have some at clay day again. Do not apologize for not posting. Your creative energy is flowing like a fast moving river. Channeling it into the clay is so wonderful and important that we, your readers, understand. You gotta do what you gotta do while you are on a roll, girl.
    P.S. Love that photo of Madi. It makes me smile to look at a photo of a happy child. She is a real cutie.

  23. Oh my goodness. You do have your hands full. Make sure that you take care of yourself before you worry about us out in blogland.

    And I simply love your steampunk line. So unique.

  24. Sweet Sister marie! Aaaaw, you are busy busy busy! Good for you. You live! We are looking for a new analyst. Do you think Madi would like to move to Texas? She looks so adorable. I would love to scoop her and just kiss her cute cheeks! Aaaaw Marie, she is sooooo cute!!! So much joy in those photos. Take care sweet, I am taking a break from posting. Just visiting.

  25. I love your hearts! The scared hearts are my favorite. The pink is different, but I like it! Madi is adorable! Is she creating yet? My grand babies love to play in the clay. Keep that blizzard going, your work is amazing!


  26. Gorgeous pieces !!!!
    Your new helper is so cute!!!!!!

  27. Hello Sister Marie, This is my daily greeting which I have neglected to do. Have a wonderful weekend! Tsup!

  28. Hi Marie! I received your heart today!!!
    I loooooooooove it soooooooo much! The batwings are awesome!...Now it's my turn :-O Thanks for the Cernit!I really hope i can make a desent face out of it,hahaha!
    By the way, you may enter my giveaway if you like :-) If you win, i can send it together ;-)

  29. Marie!! I came by to tell you that I love your more now that you are a messy sista. lol! And I have commented here before, but I think it went ka-blooey. I LOVE your hearts. LOVE them! xox Pam

  30. Love that unzipped heart!!!!!


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