Friday, July 30, 2010

Cantina Fiesta- a very long post, I mean adventure.

My friend Gorgeous Deb from Midlife poet is having a party. Several are already there. I found out about it last night and was so excited, I started too soon.
Let me 'splain!

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

We started out for Deb's yesterday, It takes a little time to get there.
We turned left instead of right.

Oops, this is the pacific ocean.
It was so beautiful we just had to visit for awhile.

We ran in to a couple of friends.

Thought we would stay for awhile.

Saw some interesting beachy things.
The creatures at the beach here are getting stranger all the time.

Like this.

We also spotted a sea turtle.
The largest I have ever seen.

There was also an otter. A very happy and strange otter. It was shaping up to a strange day.

I tried on my bathing suit and from this persons reaction, I decided to take it right back off.

The fire department showed up to help us with the grilling.

They decided to get everything ready for us.
It only took a few of them.

The chefs came too

There were legs.

We had some pizza.

And this lovely thing called funnel cake.

Someone started mixing drinks.

And drinks.

And beers.
They look happy,don't they.

...and happier.

and more drinks

People were having trouble walking.

They were getting their clothes mixed up

I think some were getting sick.
I was feeling no pain my self and it was getting later and later.

We found a floaty for the pool. It might be kind of big though.
Whadya tink Deb?

It was getting late, so we decided to stay at the beach and head out for your house in the morning.

We ran in to more friends.

I found some nice table decorations. I thought you would like these.

I am starting to feel a little sleepy, drinking way to much. I look like this guy!
LOL I am this guy!
This is a picture of me being dragged out.
I must have passed out.

I woke up...
behind bars.

Here is my cell mate, a small man with an attitude.

They let me out late. I am still trying to get there Deb.

Maybe manana! 

Thanks for the invite though.


  1. OMGosh Marie, I am choking on laughter!!! Woke up behind bars! Well that explains it all! Of course, Anne woke up behind OTHER bars, and Ces, well, no 'splainin Ces!!! She has the cops on her side! Thank you for maintaining the dignity of what was left of the innocent! Tooooooo funny! I L♥ve! And I love you too! **blows kisses** Deb

  2. I think I had a good time too!! This was fun Deb. Sorry to be so late!!
    I love you too!!

  3. Marie! lol! I love your cell mate. ;) hahaha! xox!

  4. He is a cutie, isn't he?
    I bet the east coasters are in bed already!! LOL!
    That Deb sure knows how to host a party!

  5. I don't know Marie.....are you SURE you weren't there??? I vaguely remember seeing some of those things.
    Or I think I saw some of those things....well....I remember seeing some very ODD things.......I's all kida fuzzy.

    XXOO!! from your criminal friend...

  6. totally completely delightfully awesome, marie!

    this was so much fun i have to go back now and look at it all over again.

    that week away must have reconfigured your wild fun genes just right.



  7. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! THIS IS SO MUCH FUN! I love your cell mate. AHAHHAHA! The pics of the revelers getting sick are sooooo funny! HAHAHAHAHAH! OMG I can't wait for the hangovers!

    It's good to see you Sweet sister Marie!

  8. What a funny post! It's raining uphere and the sky looks sooo grey, but you, dear Marie, made my day!
    My mom and me were going on a trip to an old city. Imade a post about it with lots of pictures.
    I know you like to see them :-)

  9. Marie.... It looks like you had a pretty great day right where you were and got into the same trouble we all did. At least now you'll know what to expect if Deb ever has another party.
    She's been a great sport having half of Arizona + sisterfriends from all over the country show up in her yard!!
    Your post is wonderful!
    I conked out early - from what I'm reading things got pretty wild later on.
    HAHAHAHAHAHA Deb sure knows how to throw a party!
    ♥ audrey

  10. OMG, Marie, you had me laughing out loud with this one! Especially when you woke up behind bars and I saw your most adorable cell mate! You know how to party, girl!! Much love, Silke

  11. what a bunch of party animals you are!

  12. WOW - that was some party! You really do know how to whoop it up, don't you? ;) LOL Thanks for sharing your wild times!!! Theresa

  13. Fun post, ummm, Did you get to Deb's yet?


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