Thursday, August 4, 2016

Okay this is the point where I apologize again. I am so sorry.
I have had quite the roller coaster ride in the last few years (10+) and it has been a little much too keep up with.
It is a flying by the seat of the pants sort of thing.
I have been doing that.
It is a not having the feet on the ground kind of thing.
I have been doing that.
It is not knowing if my plans will work out.
I have no idea.
It is a feeling of being to old to make it work again.
Trying to ignore that.
It is a colapsing in a puddle because I have no idea what to do.
I get up and do something.
It boils down to a feeling of being not good enough and not being able to change things anymore.
Life has been too much for too long, I have been trying to remember myself before being beat about the body and head by it.
The self with happiness, the one with Joy, the with anticipation of the beautiful things and the expecting of them.
I have also started seeing and acupuncturist to help me with me stress.
Stress is about money for me, I pay for her, I will go when I need it, it has change my life. I honestly believe if I would have continued giving, and worrying, and panicking, I seriously think I might not be here today.
She SAW me, she asked what I did for a living and I apologetically said "I am an artist" and she said "What a Gift". Mouth wide open here. I have never heard that before. I will go to here until I feel I do not need to anymore. "When the student is ready the teacher comes" 
Moral of the story-
Life is sometimes knowing that you do not know what the hell you are doing, even if you have been around a long time. It is a a place between Joy and Pain, it is a balance.
It is a remaining true to yourself and your beliefs when people are telling you different or you are "Hearing" different.
It is knowing you have friends and family that make that roller coaster of life a little more easy to live in.
Love is all there is.
And boy am I learning!
Love to you all
I finally updated my web site. Have a look if life is not too much for you. And even... maybe if it is.

I am on Facebook a lot
It is quick and easy, but I am pulling all of me together and miss my blog and you.
At my daughters wedding


  1. Re bienvenida. Hacía mucho tiempo no escribía en su Blog. Espero muchas novedades y trabajos hermosos suyos. Muchas gracias por la vuelta. Saludos cordiales. Maria Teresa Lefler (spain)

    Re welcome. Made much time not wrote in his Blog. I hope many innovations and his beautiful works. Thank you very much for the return. Best regards

  2. Actually this is a fabulous post. Have a great weekend.

  3. Tanto Maria Teresa muchas gracias, son tan amables!
    Es bueno ser parte posteriora y tan agradable de oír de usted!
    Voy a intentar no te defraudará.

    Thank you so much Maria Teresa, you are so kind!
    It is good to be back and so nice to hear from you!
    I will try not to let you down.

  4. Marie.....I will not say that I know how you feel, because I don't. But, that being said, it sounds like the same gremlins have been troubling both of us. I've been in a fog for the past three years but am crawling my way out.
    Lovely to see you here. xoxo Oma Linda

  5. Thanks Nicole, on both accounts!

  6. Linda, may life be a little more gentle with both of us!

  7. Uhoh. I hear you. Been there. Am there. Its a sea of emotion and expectations you have inside your own mind where you just can not reach.

    Sometimes it is just wiser to stop thinking about what others want and consentrate on the things you know well and are good.

    You ARE a success. You don´t need to go to mars when you are already on the moon.

    Love U

  8. Love you too Pörrö, I am not going to Mars, not enough time left on this body! Maybe next life time.
    I think maybe if I let go of the expectations, something better will show up, maybe more than I ever planned.
    Thank you that Pörrö I am thinking about what is most important to me and my family. That has always been everything that really mattered anyway.
    And dear friends! love you to the moon and back, dear one!
    I miss your face!

  9. Dearest Marie ~
    Please give yourself a big hug from me. You are the one that inspired means d many years ago. When I was taking care of a mother with Parkinsons and dementia and a mentally ill daughter. You didn't write to me directly because I didn't write to you. I just read your posts about clay. I didn't dare write to all the famous artists (yes you). You have done what you are on this earth to do and that is love. Now dish out some of that love for yourself. Oh and since I didn't say it then I'll say it now.....THANK YOU!
    Gabriele a.k.a. Dukky

    1. Garbriele, thank you soooooo much for writing! You have helped me today. I am grateful.
      Always write, we are all human with life lessons, trials, loves and glorious things that change in a dime, it is time for us to start connecting and sharing all our pains and glory as well.
      May your life be filled with lovely things and may you bend like the bamboo and flow like water in times of pain.
      May there always be many around to give you hugs and tell you they love you.
      May your art filter your life the way it is supposed to and bring you joy!
      Much love and thank you for saying this out loud. It is never to late!

  10. I have been in awe of your work since I first discovered polymer clay and have used your teaching to improve my work. I know that it is sometimes painful to be an artist, to create what is in your heart and send it out into the world, but please know that what you have created and sent out is universally loved. In sharing yourself you have helped create a good many artist and no one could ask for more then that. Peace and love to you.
    Jen Rose

    1. Dear Jen Rose, blessings all over you woman, thank you! I have learned some very valuable lessons about my self and the work I do called art! I love what I am doing, I can not stop because someone wants me to fit a different mold and my pain comes from trying to do just that. When I am in the flow and not holding on to the past or future tripping in the future, life makes so much sense.
      I am here on this planet to do exactly what I am doing and so are you! You have just as much right as I do or anyone else does to do what you love to do. I am here to share my love for the the things that make me smile. And hopefully to make you smile and be your best self as well.
      You are so right "no one could ask for more than that", I am most of the time asking to be loved and approved of. I love and approve of my self now and know I am doing the right thing. We all, men and woman deserve that!
      In love, light and clay,


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