Monday, August 26, 2013

I am well, I have missed you, and I am coming back on the blog I think ;)

I just wanted to visit and say that I am going to be posting again! I have written a book, been taking care of myself, and tending to my life. My health was not the best (fat and run down) and I have been changing that. I want to be healthy.
Tired of being tired, I wanna grow old like my parents, they live a full life and they are my idols and still dancing and loving life at 76. My mother looks more like my sister now!
My grand daughter is getting big, she is 4 and a wonderful child. I don't see her as much as I used to, but will be starting to watch her time full again this week. Her mother is going after her dream and I am so proud of the changes my "little girl" has made in her life. Going back for her high school equivalency at 30, damn, I am so proud of my girls, such wonderful women, my gifts.
She is now going to continue her education for the next 11 months.

I am going to post things that are more general here, about me, my life, my family and what I do to create.
It has been a long time and I need to get familiar with the program again.
I have missed you!

Here is the first tip of the day.

I save the lids from canned frozen juice, (Oh hell, why lie? I save everything.)
I love their perfect circle-ness. I just knew there were things I could do with them. I love to recycle when ever I can, I think we should, and I have been saving these for a while. They are just hanging out and falling in front of me all of the time. LOL!
I am going to share this once in a while so you can expect that.
Do you save them?
Have you got a good application for them?
Have they never even crossed you mind?
Will they now??

Here is one.
I use them to mix small batches of epoxy


  1. Oh happy day Ms. Marie is back here in the blogosphere. I for one am thrilled. Welcome back to play.
    I too save's a curse until I or someone else needs just that certain something that I have tucked away and then I'm a pretty smart old bird. My can opener takes the lid off like the frozen juice lids so I have all sizes....I'll be waiting to see what you use yours for and share what I have made too.
    It is great to see you back here. I know you must be busting your buttons with pride for your daughter. Give her an encouragement hug from me too. Oma Linda
    ps...more time with a four year old sounds like an exercise program all on it's own.

  2. Welcome back Marie! Almost couldn't find the comment button. And yes I save most everything too.

  3. Thank you Linda, you are the best. Thank you so much for the welcome back. I have been missing the blog. I think coming back was in order,I have missed the writing,the people,and the fun!

    Don't you find that the minute you throw something out, you think of a use for it? I am thinking about adding another bin at my house the one titled "on it's way out". Maybe it will give my brain a chance to process the eventual loss of the piece. LOL!

    I am busting buttons Linda, I will tell her, she is so excited. She will appreciate your encouragement, she is a good girl (woman).
    Madi is all the reason I started worrying about my health, I WANT to be with that 4 year old hot mess! A long time! I have decided I want to be the cool great grandma!

  4. Carol D, thank you for the welcome back. I too feel like a foreigner in a strange land here. I am sure it will be no time at all before I find my land legs again though.
    Is it part of the artist heart to make trash beauty.
    I know this artist it is

  5. I hope both of you ladies have a wonderful week, may magic find you where ever you are!

  6. Well hello Marie. Good to see you again. Great idea with the lids. It's never to late to go back to school to learn. I just got my AA a couple years back and I'm not a young whippersnapper. tee hee. Glad you are back, look forward to your posts.

  7. Hey Gloria great to see you and your lovely Frida Face!!
    Congrats on your degree, you are awesome.
    I am glad to be back, I think!! LOL!

  8. Hi Marie! So good to se you back here! I am trying to get back to my blog as well. I took some "me" time. :))
    Your daughter sounds amazing! xo

  9. Hello Marie! What a nice up post. Welcome back. I am so glad to hear so much is going so well


  10. Pam, just like old home week now!! Yay!
    Ya I think we all need to tend our own gardens sometimes. I believe that is the best thing we can do for the good of us all. I didn't want to face some of my realities, so I just kept "busy", it was time to go inside. For me!
    I hope you are well my friend and we play here together a little at a time!
    So great to "see" you again! I hope you are still writing.

  11. Thank you KJ and now we are really in old home week. Thank you I am doing well.
    Much is a miracle in my life and I am blessed, I realize that now. I needed to take sometime off to let it all sink in. I still play in facebook, but I wanted to come back to the blog! It seemed a shame to let go by the side.
    How are you and the fam's? How is your leg doing? Are you writing?

  12. my friend, i am writing: soon to finish up a novel three plus years in the making. my knee is quite an event: it hurts and progress is slow even though there is progress. my walking is limited for now and i don't like that.

    ps i personally think that anytime a person saves circles for any reason, only good will come from it :^)


  13. Three years, that is a long time KJ, but yet it is a short time too. I am thinking a lot about time lately and I am finding that I want it to slow down but I can not wait until an event arrives.
    The older I get and the more I know the less I feel I understand.
    I have also been thinking about circles and how that seems to be a theme with me (along with Hearts) and if this means something or am I the I am, that is giving it the meaning. Sometimes it just makes my head hurt and I have to go out and lay on the ground so I don't go crazy ;-P LOL. I am wondering if I am walking a spiral instead of a circle, Because I seems to be rising but also circling. I like the idea of rising and approaching the same path but seeing it from a more elevated level or vantage point.
    But then again maybe I am just here to learn to love.

  14. Welcome back Marie! So happy to see you and so happy things are going well with you and your family ;o)

  15. So glad to see you're back and looking forward to readin your blog again.

  16. How the heck are you doing Stacy? Thanks for the welcome back I appreciate it.
    I hope all is going well with you also.

  17. Hey Tamara, thank you! You popped up on my flickr email page today with all of your ornaments, I had to hop on over to flickr and take a peek at all you have been making, WOW!
    So nice to see your pumpkins, some of those faces are quite funny. I love the one the arm sticking out of his mouth. The best!

  18. Hi Marie.... I am late seeing this message as I too just came back to my blog ...Off of Facebook for me ...enjoying the more simple and loose feel of Bloglandia again.... Lovely to see you are posting here least we can keep in touch...

  19. Marie, just want to add how happy I am your going to blog again :) And I'd love to hear how you changed from overweight and unhealthy to what you are now. Sending lots of hugs from Northern Washington! JoAnne

  20. Thanks JoAnne!
    I was tired of feeling sluggish, started moving more, started watching what I eat and writing it all down in "my fitness pal" app on my phone. I figured out I was eating way more than sitting in a chair all the time was going to burn. Drink more water start loving myself and being honest and writing every piece of food that I put into my mouth.
    The reason I stared was I took a picture and I was the heaviest and the oldest look and I did not want to grow old that way! I was not ready for lying in bed in pain for the rest of my life.
    Thank you so much for noticing too.


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