Monday, September 8, 2014


Only a year between posts, not too bad. Hee hee!
Life has been busy, do you feel that way?
Learning to adapt to new circumstances, my granddaughter starting school, in a creative whorl of ideas, a lightening of space, adjusting to a new approach to life and thinking about deep things deep in my heart.
I feel that part of the process of being an artist and being self-employed is about dealing with the fear of the day to day, about the fear of not having a guaranteed paycheck or even if I can pay for insurance.
I had a dear friend say to me one time, "I choose this, and I will work it out and the money will come or it won't, I will either go or I won't."
Such a beautiful way to look at it. Thank you Lala!
I choose this way, too. When I look around me I do not see stability even in the others with jobs around me. I see people trying to keep their jobs, worried about cutbacks and being let go, I see perfectly capable, qualified, and experienced people being outsourced and laid off for younger and greener kids.

So is life really secure with people having a "real" job either? I think that might be what be what I may have been led to believe in the era I grew up in.
And when I really look at it with my eyes wide open is there any guarantee in life any way? It can all disappear tomorrow. Or even today.
I have really learned some important things from the cut backs in my own personal life to survive and I want to share those with you.
1. Rice and beans are good and I actually like them.
2. A little meat goes a long way.
3. Bartering for services is a viable means of trade.

I think this a good start and I may add to this later.
But I am off to the care and feeding of what I chose. I am going to embrace my desperate and scared self and love the woman brave enough inside that chose this life and the woman and child inside that has to create or perish. These people deserve my attention!
Be well!


  1. Good to hear from you Marie ;o)
    I think your post is right about everything! I don't think no job is secure anymore and with life, who knows what is going to happen? You have to smile! You have to dance! You have to keep yourself going ;o)
    In our house, tomato soup has always been a favourite ;o) With grilled cheese or hot dogs ;o)
    Big Hugs ;o) (cute earrings)

  2. It is fabulous to read you back on your blog. Happy Anniversary on your blogging again. tee hee
    We are learning similar lessons about cutting back and making do....good for the soul. Lots of other things to be thinking about besides things and doing. xoxo Oma Linda
    ps, just got out my Hallowoonie stuff and there on top was the most wonderful Halloween Book sent to me by you. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy all over again. Thanks for your generosity of spirit and example of how to do it the right way.

  3. marie, i can feel the wisdom you've gained. and strength.

    it is so super duper to see a post here from you! i'm on a cut-back budget too and i appreciate your 3 observations. i've discovered costco's and i'm now a cost savings fan there.

    so glad you're an artist xo

  4. What unique and beautiful earrings. It is good to see you back in blogland, and hope to hear more from you.
    I have been battling breast cancer for the past year... had a double mastectomy, chemo and radiation, and am now cancer free and doing great.

  5. Stacy you do have to smile you do have to dance and you do have to create. And I have to do all of those things too.
    And maybe in loving exactly where we are we give that desperate self the love and acknowledgement it was looking for and then we can let it go! And it can let us go too!
    I am all for the learning, thank you for commenting it is so good to "see" you here, thank you for coming over!
    Hearts flowers and love to you and all your crows, my friend!

  6. Thank you dear Oma Linda, you have shown me a thing or two yourself lady!
    We never really know how far the ripples of kindness go until someone says thank you, I am trying to say thank you more often.
    When a little bitty fledgling in blog land you were nice to me, thank you! Always appreciated dear woman and the fact that you live out loud thank,you for that too!
    Someone has noticed.
    May Blessing of great magnitude and goodness rain all over you and your family!

  7. I AM an artist KJ! and I LOVE me!
    Thank you for helping me clarify so much of that!
    With out your belief and Friendship and following me still in the MYFACE area, I would not have grown so much. I appreciate your time with me so much thank you!
    You were born for this moment my friend and so was I.
    This is almost redundant with as grateful as you are but may the blessings of joyous life bring light to your darkest times if there has to be any!

  8. Thank you dear Barbara, you are so very kind!
    Your journey has been heavy and you are free! I am so very very proud of you!
    I am sorry I was not here.
    I plan on being around but who knows, my life is so worth living I find sometimes I run out of daylight!
    My dad said to keep moving no one could get me that way, I have decided to take him seriously, the man never stops and he is strong and still doing so much at 76, pretty good example that one. He has outlived every man in his family! I am so grateful.
    Take care of yourself Barbara and I will see you round here. Keep moving!

  9. I have been wondering about you! I was the happy recipient of one of your giveaways awhile back, and have always admired your work. Take good care of yourself.


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