Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I just won this book!

I am so excited, my friend Nicole Campanella at Beadwright blog reviews books for Lark Crafts/Sterling Publishing. When she is done with the book she gives it away on her blog and writes a review on it.
Very cool, yes?
I won this book Steel Wire Jewelry by Brenda Schweder!!
I am even more excited because Artistic wire just started making stainless steel wire and we are carrying it at ClayFactory.net. Wooooo Whoooo!
If Howard doesn't have it up there, bug him about it. Sometimes he needs a push.;-D

The book is actually suggesting you use wire from the hardware store too and I will, but I think some of the designs will lend themselves to the stainless wire also. Stainless wire and Cernit polymer clay even.
I mean how perfect is that, that I win this?
Thank you Nicole and Thank you Lark Crafts/Sterling Publishing for being so generous. I appreciate both of you!
one of Nicole's patterns

And guess what? Nicole not only does some beautiful bead-work and carry some awesome products (Nicole's BeadBacking) and bead patterns in her Etsy store, she has a wonderful blog and is a very nice person and....
She is giving away another book now.
Here is the link

Be sure and visit Nicole's blog and get your chance to win a great book from Lark Crafts/Sterling Publishing.


  1. Congrats Marie! This book is just perfect for you huh? I'm sure you gonna make some goodies out of it to put in your Etsy shop ;-)
    hugs Donna

  2. Congrats Marie! I'm looking forward to seeing your creations inspired by this book.

  3. Wow Marie thank you so much for the wonderful blog post about me. I had no idea you and Howard carry the wire. You truly were suppose to win this book! Thanks again this is so sweet of you.

  4. Congratulations Marie! Can't wait to see what you're inspired to create!

  5. Neat Marie - can't wait to see what you create with this new book!!


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