Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Monday- updates

I hope you all have had a wonderful week and an even better weekend.
I have been very busy.
We have our annual retreat for the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild coming up and we are all trying to get ready for it.
I have been packaging things for the store that we have there.
Making things, and getting ready for the demo I am going to do.
I am going to demo flower petal canes. The necklace above is something I made from those canes.
I love how this turned out and the canes are simple fast and fun.
I have also been playing with the new book I won from Nicole at Beadwright's blog. Of course I would get something new and exciting to play with when I am supposed to be concentrating on the guild retreat. ;-D
We packed all of our goodie bags last Friday and had a great time doing it.
This is our 13th retreat and we are having a Halloween theme, so I am very excited.
Our committee is a group of 13 wonderful women and we have a great time together too. How can it get any better than that? I enjoy myself so much I actually look forward to seeing everybody and doing the job!

I have also started making some Xmas presents, it is pretty hard for me to believe this year has flown by so fast.
I need to start now, otherwise I will not get everything done.
So this last week has been nose to the grindstone and things prioritized out of the week and others placed in front of those, late nights, and working, working, working.
I am still here and hoping you all are doing very well and life is treating you with kid gloves and ease.
Have a great week.
Smile at someone this week and share your light with them.
Change the world.


  1. Gorgeous flowers! Inspiring as always... enjoy your retreat!!!

  2. Awww thanks Sus! Happy Monday to you.
    I will enjoy the retreat. Ours is awesome.
    Wish you could come one day, you would love it.
    Have a great week.

  3. Each time I read the heading for your comment area, "Words of Wisdom", I giggle. Oh, oh, oh, the black, gray and white piece posted today is absolutely gorgeous! Dramatic and delicate. Have fun (I know you will) at the retreat.

  4. the retreat will be a nice break for you :) have fun!!!

  5. I thought words of wisdom was a perfect description for the comments, Marlene.
    I consider each one a jewel of wisdom for me ;-D
    You should come sometime to one of our retreats, we have a great time and you would love it.
    Thank you I love the necklace and it is very simple, on a stainless wire cable too, just perfect for it.

  6. love those flowers! The black and white are very stiking, especially the ones with the little skull centre

  7. I'm not much given to flower caning, but these flowers are absolutely splendid - I don't suppose you would consider a tutorial via Etsy?

  8. I love the earrings with the skull centers too!;-D
    Thanks Cara Jane!

  9. Thanks Sylvia. I will see what I can do!

  10. The retreat sounds like it will be fun, Marie. I can't believe how this year is flying right by, either. Absolutely amazing! Your flowers are so lovely.

  11. Wow! I love those! I can't believe the things you do with clay. Have a wonderful time with your pals. Don't get arrested.haha. And the holidays are here, and I was thinking the same thing (about getting started on making some things for gifts). xox! Pam

  12. Love that time when women get together. Hi Marie, I am home now from my vacation. Wish it would never end. LOL
    Everything looks wonderful on your blog.

  13. you are AMAZING, marie!! i'm still thinking about picking up the leaves in my yard and you are starting holiday gifts! and demonstrating in your wonderful teacherly way/. i know this conference is a blast for you.

    enjoy ♥


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