Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas out west and the giveaway winners

Merry Christmas to all of you in blog land, I hope that you all are feeling full and sitting around with all your loved ones. I hope you also got everything you wanted and more than you can ever imagine.
Christmas is mostly nostalgic for me and I miss my family and friends that have left this earthly existence, I miss their touch, their voices, and their smell. I miss my time with them, they made Christmas what it was. Spend time with those that are here now and make the most of it for you, them, and for the ones before.
I got this in a newsletter I subscribe to the day before Christmas and it seemed to make things a little easier for me, maybe it will help those of you that miss your loved ones too.
  "As you think of me today and always, I will be standing by your side. The best gift you can give me this time of year is to celebrate and laugh with me like we always did. I may not be physically present but I will make my presence known...a flickering light, the phone going off, a cardinal in the snow, my shadow in a picture, hearing my voice, smelling my scent, feeling me stand behind you. I promise you will always have me. Until we are completely together again, I am wrapping you in a blanket of love that will surround you in your most trying day. Feel my arms around you, holding and comforting you. Here is my holiday wish for you:
"I wish for you strength when you are weak and need me to hold you up. I wish for you laughter when you can't bear the thought of smiling again. I wish for you light when your flame goes out and clear vision to see me in dreams and in others as you walk along the winding road of life. Always remember...I'm not dead, I'm different.""
From Maureen Hancock's newsletter

 I am so sorry I didn't get to these sooner, with Christmas and not being fully up to par, I fell down on the job!
The Winners for the giveaways are.
part one- Chris
part two- Frances Bauer
part three- Frances Bauer
part four- Mrs. B
I will talk to you all soon.
Bless you all. 


  1. Marie - I hope you had a Merry Christmas. I know it's hard when you miss friends and family, and you aren't feeling well. I hope you feel better soon. I'm so happy I got to know you this year! xoxox Pam

  2. I had a very nice Christmas. Thank you.
    I am grateful for you this year Pam!!
    May your New Year be your best ever, this I want for you.

  3. Marie,
    Your Santa & elves are so cute. That's how Santa looks out my way!
    See you later!
    Love, Tina Goodrich

  4. I miss you like crazy dear one and have been hoping that all is well with you.

    I know you were sick, but I also hoped and prayed that all is well with everyone.

    Love to you.

    Renee xoxo

  5. What a beautiful poem. Your new creations are delightful! I'm still crushin on the Santa wearing ONLY his well placed hat! **kisskiss** Deb

  6. Merry Christmas Tina. Thank you!
    See you soon!
    Love and hugs.

  7. I miss you too Renee!
    My body just conked out and is still conking a little. Stopped me from getting all crazy and behind at Christmas. Just had to give up!
    I liked not being under pressure to perform. I did what I could, when I could, and enjoyed all I could. I hope you had a wonderful and beautiful Christmas with your gorgeous family.
    You and Wahid did good Renee, they are all beautiful.
    Happy New Year, my pretty!

  8. Deb my Santa is so far behind. You just never know what will show up for you!!!

  9. I hope that your spirits are good dear one. I love you Marie and I care how you are.

    I received a treasure chest and oh how I love it.

    Pure magic.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  10. My spirits are ok Renee. Thank you for caring, I love you!
    I am so glad you got your treasure chest in time, did you squeal?

  11. Hi Marie,, what a lovely post. I always love hearing from you and think of you often. I am really looking forward to a new year and I hope that you have a happy, healthy, successful New Year and peace be in your heart and home!
    luv, gail

  12. I am looking forward to the new year too Gail.
    I want to live in the moment more and cherish each minute.
    I wish you peace in your heart, your soul, and your mind!!
    And wellness!

  13. oh my heavens Marie!!! how have I missed so many wonderful posts!!! you have been so busy and I see you are also working for Santa!!! you busy little elf you!!!

    I sent you a not a little while back via your website!!! to thank you for sending me the wonderful book on clay creations!!! I will start making some stuff in the new year !!! you are such an inspiration with all the magic you create and I wish you a wonderful Holiday and may 2010 be a very prosperous and happy new year!!!


  14. ah marie, thank you for your good wishes. so these are your clay creations? WOW. i love the whimsy you obviously add with love and care.

    i see that you haven't been feeling well, and i understand how it feels have lost loved ones, especially this time of year. i hope your life is rich and full and sometimes very silly in the year ahead.


  15. Just stopped by to say I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday! My family had the flu and I'm sooo behind, lol!

    I hope the New Year brings you and yours joy, love, friendship and prosperity!

  16. Glad to see you had a great Christmas!
    How is your daughter doing with graduating? Did she finish all her classes yet?
    If so tell her congrats!

    Have a great New Year!
    Thanks for the lovely words on my blog!

  17. I am so glad you got your book Diana. I am looking forward what you come up with.
    Thank you so much for your kind words, it means the world to me coming from you. I feel you are the inspiration with all of your creations and your work.
    I hope 2010 is your best year ever.
    Kisses and hugs to you and Cole.

  18. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww thank you so much kj. You are such a sweetheart. Renee was happy, you did good. I am so proud to be a part of your wonderful and thoughtful gift to her, thank you.
    I am looking forward to the silly part. Yay!!!
    Have the best year you have ever had in 2010.

  19. Thanks Mrs. B!! I hope you have a wonderful 2010 and the negative people leave you alone.
    May this one be the best you have ever had.

  20. She is finished Sophia, and the rest of us are just thrilled. The pressure is much lighter around here, LOL!!! She hasn't taken her boards yet but is going to soon.
    She says to say best wishes to you too.
    Thanks so much for stopping by.
    Happy New Year, gorgeous, and good luck with your studies.

  21. Thank you for your comment on my blog, Marie, and wonderful wishes to you as well. May we *both* have our best years ever.

    When I think about a new year I am filled with happiness at all the opportunities that await - both personal and creative-wise. It will be what we make it. :)

    I am so sad I missed Mr. and Mrs. Claus in flagrante delicto. hehe They are a total hoot! And completely what my family has come to expect from me by now. ;)

  22. Hi Marie!
    I have so missed these updates! I know I'm a follower of yours so I'm not sure why I didn't get them :(
    Congrats to the lucky winners! fabulous giveaway!

    I love the story also, if you don't mind, I'd love to share it with my friend who lost her mother right before Christmas.

    happy new year to you and yours!!

  23. Thank you so much for the New Year's Wishes and the compliments on Mr. and Mrs. Francie.

  24. Hey Darla it seems that blogger is messing with you.
    Please share with your friend and I hope it helps her hurting heart.

  25. Congratulations to the winners! :)

  26. Happy New Year to you as well!

    Come on 2010...onwards & upwards!

    Chris :-)


  27. Wishing you a Happy New Year! :)

  28. Happy New Year Marie~: )
    I'm wishing you the best in the coming year...
    So glad I found you and we are friends!

  29. Marie you wonderful creature! Thank you so much for the beautiful card and the even more beautiful star brooch. It's just stunning and I love it so. You are a star!

    Happy, Happy New Year to you.

  30. Hi Marie
    Glad to know you are maybe on the right side of your ill health. I missed you not being around, I noticed.
    Lets hope we all get lots of time to be more creativ this year.
    I am gobsmacked at the people I have seen who have already made inroads in their crafts so early in the New Year.
    I dont know how they do it..
    all the very best to you , Love you

  31. You are so very, very sweet Bridegett.
    Thank you so much for stopping by.
    Happy, happy New Year to you.
    Love and huge hugs.

  32. Thank you for stopping by Chris darlink and your New Year's wishes.
    May it be our best one ever!!!

  33. Thank you so much Caroline and thank you so much for coming by!!
    Happy Happy New Year, may it be your best ever!!!

  34. Thank you Pattee and may this be your best ever!!!
    I am so glad we have found each other too!!!
    Happy New Year, love!!!

  35. Happy Happy New Year to you PG!!!
    I am so glad you got it and like it!!!
    Love and huge hugs.

  36. Thank you for stopping over and caring about me Elizabeth, you made me feel all good inside.
    Happy happy new year to you and may it be your best year ever.
    Love and hugs, darling.

  37. MARIE!! I just got my giftie. This is wonderful. The quality of your work is so consistently good!

    Thank you so much for the pretties! We're still smiling about them!

  38. I am so glad you got them and you like them Chris!!!
    Happy Happy New Year to you both.
    Love and hugs Chris.


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