Saturday, December 12, 2009

9th Giveaway- Night before Christmas-part one

'Twas the night before Christmas and Santa was running late.
He slept in that evening; he had so much on his plate.
He forgot to set his alarm, Mrs. Claus was snoring too.
He should have been out in the toy shed, getting ready for me and you.
One of the elves said "Does anyone know where Mr. Claus is?"
Rudolf said, "I have to go get all those maps of his,
I will check on him and Mrs. Claus."


This is how Rudolf found Mr. & Mrs. Claus as he busted in the door.
If you want this ornament set, leave a comment in the words of wisdom comments.
Closes December 16th at 6 pm pst.


  1. Those are adorable Marie! These would definitely brighten up my Christmas tree! =)

  2. lol those are great :) would def. get people talking about the tree

  3. I love them... too funny.... esp... mr. claus hat... ha...

  4. These are a hoot! I love the quick cover up job, hehe. Too funny. :)

  5. Whether I win or not, those are just too cute for words!

  6. Muahahahaha! Oh, how my kids would get a kick out of these. Heck, I think my husband would too.

    We all have a little perv in us, I guess. ;)

    Seriously, these are a hoot. Love them!

  7. I am pretty sure I saw this Santa dancing at the Main Event a few years ago!!! You are too cute, Marie! **kisskiss** Deb