Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sounds like a good holiday

I got a phone call the other day from a lady living in the United States but born in India who was looking for clay. Accents always interest me, so I asked her where she was from and what kind of clay was she looking for. The conversation progressed until I found out she was looking for“natural” clay that would dissolve in water for a festival that she celebrated as part of her religion. I started asking some more questions and this led me on a path to exploring more about this holiday which is celebrated on the 3rd of September for the Lord Ganesh. Then the phone call got disconnected and I did not even get her name, just like that, gone, but I did direct her to another source of earth based clay and also gave her a recipe for food based clay, like bread dough, that would not pollute the environment and would dissolve in water before the call was disconnected.
In my searches about this holiday after this phone call, I found this.

I like this guy. Anyone who removes obstacles can not be half bad in my opinion.
This is also something I ran into from one of the blogs I read.
“Millions of Hindu’s all over the world celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi today. Ganesh as many know is the pot-bellied, elephant headed God of Wisdom, heralded as “the remover of all obstacles.” He is the God we pray to before we start any new ceremony, or before we pray to any other God. Although celebrated all over India, the celebrations are the most magnificent, vivid and vibrant in the states Maharashtra and Goa. Mumbai, truly comes alive during the Ganapati festival during this time of the year. It’s quite a trip to watch 20 odd feet high clay idols of an elephant headed God, rolling down the main road in rush hour traffic on the back of a truck.”

A beautiful picture… Look at those reds!
“He is our sweetest and very happy god:).In India,Maharashtra's major festival. During the ten-day festivalof Ganapati and for several weeks prior to it, the elephant-headed god,Ganesh, appears to govern the land. The Ganesh is decorated with ornaments, flowers and lights. Puja and aarti are performed every morning and evening using flowers, rice, betel nuts and leaves, turmeric, red powder, coins and oil lamps. Men and women, the old and young all join in. Offerings of sweets, coconut pieces, fruit and other items are made. The blessed offerings or prasad are distributed amongst the devotees.This is a very colourful and Bright festival:) I love Ganapati:)”
prachi patil

Taking a moment to follow a lead, an experience, a feeling can sometimes lead to enlightenment. Thank you to the woman who needed clay and called me.

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