Friday, September 19, 2008


I think that this should be taught to us as children and explained the way mathematics are, “things change and there is balance to life in opposites". I have experienced creative stillness (or thought I did) and it always returns to a period of physical creative manifestation. If we knew this was a law from a very early age, it might be a reason not to be so hard on ourselves in stillness or inactivity. I call those moments of block (the term that everyone throws around), periods of absorption, when I am assimilating what has happened during activity or physical creation. Life is made up of opposites, black/white, night/day, male/female, ebb/flow, internal/external, sun/moon, give/take, live/die, clean/dirty, and I am sure you can come up with a bunch also. If this is the way things are and the way things are supposed to be, should we even label the stillness as block? If we change the label, like creative block to period of assimilation or absorption and lean in to or embrace it and feed that period with more things to assimilate, would we move naturally through it and not make it pain or self abuse?
When I am making things or creating, I have a ton of other ideas (especially if I am getting paid for it or it is work), so what I do is I keep a journal next to me and write those ideas and visions down, draw pictures, and make notes in the journal, anything to remind me of that great idea I had in the creative flow. When I have a time of stillness, I go to my journal and start working through the ideas. And before I know it, I am writing in my journal again, because I am too busy making things to be still.

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