Sunday, August 31, 2008


If I feel stuck, I go to nature to get some influence or stimulus. I also take very close up pictures. This is a plant I grew from seed and it has been with me for years under somewhat extreme conditions.
We have gophers, I mean millions of gophers, and they eat everything, even trees. OK, maybe it is only thousands. They go for the tender taproot of the tree and then BAM, the tree is dying right before my eyes and the fruit is dropping off the tree. You know those cartoons that you see with the carrot slowly going down in to the ground, I live that.
I planted this canna in the ground in one of my big cat litter buckets with big holes drilled in the bottom of it, and then I planted the bucket in the ground, I leave the top 3” edge of the bucket above ground to discourage the rabbits. I think poverty is the mother of invention. This seems to work. It is so funny and gives me a perverse pleasure to see dirt in mounds, evidence of the gopher, around the buckets and the plant thriving.
It is a beautiful example of reds.

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