Friday, August 29, 2008


Red is a color I am just getting to know. I did not vibrate with it when I was younger. I find that I am playing with it a lot more these days. This is an example of the Neo-Opaque Red on Cernit, black, gold and copper. I love the way it looks. It makes a beautiful antiquing medium for clay. The color is thick and rich, it works on cloth, leather, air dry clay and many other surfaces. I apply to the baked textured disks and let dry a bit, then rub off with a damp old towel. Sometimes it takes a bit of rubbing.
You can also bake the clay pieces again at about 200 degrees F. for about 10 minutes to set paint.

Check out some of the other great Ne-Opaque colors we carry at the Clay Factory it says it is the Lumiere paint page but do not pay attention to that, Howard is trying to trick you.

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