Friday, January 6, 2012

I am teaching at Cabin Fever Clay Festival

I am teaching at Cabin Fever Clay Fest in Laurel, Maryland not far from Washington DC. in February.
You can read about my pre-conference and conference classes here

You can sign up here on the registration page
This is the first time I will ever be teaching my unzipped hearts, how to use the zipper mold, how to make the embellishments, stamping both sides of the heart at the same time,  making and incorporating the ring bail at the top and anything else I can give you in the time allotted.

I will not be the only teacher there either, there are many great artists coming to teach at this event and it is the perfect thing to heat up your cold winter. I am so looking forward to this and meeting new friends and playing with old ones...
Here is the line up
Beginning 17 Feb. 2012, we will offer a two-day masterclass with Jeffrey Lloyd Dever and seven full-day workshops with each of the following incredibly talented instructors: Jana Roberts Benzon, Lindly Haunani, Barbara Lewis, Liz Potter Hall, Nan Roche, Marie Segal, and Sarah Shriver.
On Sunday, 19 Feb., the conference begins and will offer twelve unique workshops and nineteen opportunities to get the creative muse working again!  Instructors include: Blair Anderson, Jana Roberts Benzon, Lindly Haunani, Linda Hess, Doreen Kassel, Shannon Nelson, Kathryn Jo Ottman, Lynne Anne Schwarzenberg, Marie Segal, Sarah Shriver, and Laura Tabakman.

I will also be teaching a class on wire called "All wired up"
That is the pre-conference (master classes) all day workshop on Friday the 17th of February.
We start out making a simple flower cane .
I will be exploring all kinds of ear wires and making a simple clasp for necklaces and talking about wire basket weaving and how to incorporate the cane into the wire.

 This is going to be an incredible conference with many wonderful teachers and 20 classes available to you. I am so honored to be amongst this group.
You should come, it is going to be fun and you will have chance to learn something new in the new year.
All of the instructors are incredibly talented artists in polymer clay, metal clay, mixed media, and metalwork.


  1. This sounds like such a cool conference, even for someone who doesn't "do" clay! I'd love to just watch if I were in the area. Used to live in Ellicott City, up the road a piece from Laurel.

  2. It is very cool Linda. I went a few years ago and had a wonderful time.
    The beds in the hotel are amazing ;-D
    I wish you could go!!
    Even if you don't do clay, you would be able to when you left.

  3. Marie, this is fantastic!!! I wiiiish I could be there and learn from you. Maybe you´ll be on craftedu with this class??? I would love to learn about your heart making. Good luck with it!!

  4. Congrats, Marie. The conference sounds fabulous - your students are lucky to have you as their teacher!

  5. Congrats Marie, sounds like it'll be a lot of fun! Sure wish I lived close enough to attend!! How lucky the ones who will be in your class are!! :)

  6. hello cutie patootie. you are a teacher, you are a teacher, you are a teacher. you were born to be a teacher.

    i am so happy for you, marie. there is no doubt you will be rewarded by the glee and appreciation of your students.

    and those zippers: this is YOUR art and your specialty. like the person who did the faces coming out of an egg.

    (big grin)

  7. The conference sounds awesome. I love your creations ~ I wish I could attend.

  8. These are so cool. I too wish I could get there but can't - an online class would be so cool

  9. Hi Marie,
    Your heart class looks like lots of fun and imagination! I miss visiting with you when I would stop by to purchase Cernit in San Marcos all those years ago. I enjoyed seeing all your new creations in person. Maybe our paths will cross again at a show somewhere!

  10. Congrats Marie! That sounds wonderful. I wish I lived closer and could attend!


  11. Hi Marie,

    First of all, thanks so much for leaving comments on my blog. That certainly makes blogging extra special! :)

    Did you end up winning the glass cutter? I just checked back and saw that you got the most votes. That is SO cool! I have been glad to help you out. You definitely deserve such a prize, as all your projects are just wonderful and very inspiring. Congrats on teaching, too -- your students are a lucky bunch. I wished I lived a wee bit closer...

    Are you interested in winning a white cotton T-shirt with a pink heart and the words I ♥ Oktoberfest in size L? Then come over to my blog until Sunday, 22nd January, and leave a comment here.

    What about having a look at my Advent and Christmas and getting an impression of Munich's Christmas market ? Moreover, you can see some frosty weather photos and pictures from a walk around my neighborhood on January 1st. Finally, there are photos of New Year's Eve . Of course, comments are welcome -- it's always great to hear what you think!

    Have a wonderful 2012,
    your blog friend from Munich, Germany,

  12. Hi!
    Your unzipped heart pieces are incredible. Do you have a tutorial pdf on these, I hope?

  13. I do have a tutorial, it comes with the zipper mold and basic instructions Leigh Perry, you can reach me at marie(at)mariesegal(dot)com
    You add your own amazing-ness to the heart!


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