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Can-tastic Christmas wrapping- FaveCrafts Blog hop

Ok time for finished on the fifteenth, monthly Blog hop.
I do want the glass cutter, so if you could please go there and vote for me I would be so grateful. All you have to do is like my Can-tasic blog post on their site.
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Ok this one is pure genius. I learned it from my uber-talented paper buddy Jodi.
She says she learned it from someone else.
Who-ever came up with this, is brilliant, and I am having a blast giving presents wrapped this way.
The look of pure puzzlement when you give this to some one is totally worth it.
Then after they open it they are still trying to figure out how it got in there.
You can even package the gift with wrapped candies, M and M's, Beans, gummy candies, and anything else that will give it a little weight and make a noise when it shaken, because they will shake it. LOL turn it upside down and look at it like they have never seen a can before in their lives.
Of course you can always use tissue paper.

You will need:
Christmas paper or scrapbook paper for whatever holiday you are giving this for
Scissors or paper cutter
Double sided film tape
Bows and ribbon
gift that fits in the can
Pop top can (You cut the bottom off of the can)
Side cutting can opener
Packaging stuffing (suggestions above)
E-6000 glue
Cloth Measuring tape

Cut open the bottom of the can, save the pop top side for the fun.

Empty out contents and wash and dry can thoroughly.
If you can let it dry completely for a while after wiping out.

Measure the side of the can from the bottom of the ridge where the can starts and to the bottom where the can ends.
With a cloth measuring tape measure around the center of the can for the circumference and add 1" to the measured length.
The measurement on my can is about 12 1/2".
I used scrap book paper and it is only 12" by 12" so I had to piece another strip of paper in there.

Cut the paper to the height of your can.

Add tape to can, press on and take off paper.

Add a couple of more strips about an inch apart, do not peel off paper from those

Add paper and peel off strips of paper as you go.

Cover with paper all the way around.

On the end of the paper place a strip of tape and press to the can.

Press paper to can. There is about a 1/2" left there.

Place tape on strip and place on can to cover the blank area on the can.

Like so.

Make sure your gift fits with room on the top and bottom.

Place filling in the top of the can. Remember we are working from the bottom.

Wrap ornament in a sheet of tissue and place hook side down in the can, when the person opens the can the ornament will be right side

Place filling on the bottom of the ornament and gently in around the sides.
Tuck in the filling away from the edge of the can.

Glue the lid right around the edge where I am pointing with E-6000.

Place bottom on can. Turn the can over and place something heavy on top of the can till it is dry.

Wrap with ribbon and give away.
I used the paper I covered the can with to make a tag.
There you go Can-tastic wrapping.


  1. Cool and I went and voted for you too!!!

  2. I voted for yours. Not because you're nice, even though you are. :~) But because this is AWESOME!!!

  3. SO cool! I just love this, Marie. Hope you and yours have a most wonderful holiday!

  4. YAYYY! What a great idea! And the glass cutter is very cool I hope you win! I voted and will vote again!

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  5. Oh my word Marie that is brilliant! I am loving it and it can be used not just for Christmas/Yule. Kudos to you my friend! Love you!


  6. Marie, I just voted again -- 82 likes right now. Currently, you are in the leading position -- yeah! :)

    Oh, I am really crossing my fingers for you. The prize seems to be the right gadget for you. :)


  7. I forgot to say -- and I REALLY like your can-tastic idea!!!

  8. Ornament packing is definitely a difficult thing and needs to be paid attention to.The cushioning on all the sides is what helps keep it in good condition specially when it is travelling.

  9. I voted for you again -- you are still in the lead. :)


  10. 195 likes now -- you should win! YEAH! :)



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