Monday, February 14, 2011

Madi plays! Happy St. Valentine's day!

I know I am her grandmother. I know I am so prejudice. I know.
But Geesh, this girl is cute!

Happy Monday to all of you. May your week be full of wonderful surprises and blessings.
May all of your hearts be filled with Valentine's like this.
Happy Birthday, Howard. I love you very much.


  1. OMG!


    those teeny pigtails,
    those giant surroundingballs,
    that precious expression
    even the perfect background music

    i consider this a very special valentine present :) ♥

  2. I bet she is...but photo did not come up for me??? Happy Valentine's Day!! Enjoy all that love.

  3. She's adorable! Happy Valentines Day :)

  4. Oh Marie!

    I can't get the thing to load! (which is not anything new, being out here in the boonies!)
    So I am guessing that it is DARLING and that Madi is cute as a BUG! (even giving Milo a run for his money!)
    HAppy Valentines Day dear one!


  5. HAHAHAHA! Oh SQUEEEEEE!!! Marie, I love that look on her face when all the balls come rolling in. She's like....what the--- why'd you do that? Now I don't know which one is mine! Bahahahahaha. Oh so adorable. And wow, they have uniforms!

    Happy Valentine's Day, sister Marie & Madi!

  6. Marie, thanks for the big smile and sharing that beautiful video ;o) Happy Valentine's Day my friend ;o)

  7. Marie she is so precious! So looking forward to seeing Chasity on Sunday. This is so hard not being around them when they could be sick. I have never not been able to be around one of them because they had a cold. Thanks so much for sharing your memories!


  8. She sure is a cutie! She looks excactly like my sisters oldest daughter when she was of Madies age. Your a lucky grandma Marie!

  9. How SWEET! Hope you had a wonderful, wonderful day. :) xoxo Theresa


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