Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Monday- I am baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

I took the rest of last week off after I got back from Florida to collect myself and I guess that I just wasn't done with my time off!
I hope you are all doing well. Happy Monday!

I came home to some awesome pressies from One World One Heart, this was the final year but Lisa from A Whimsical Bohemian has come up with another idea for next year 2012 that I think you are going to like. Go to her website to see her plans for the next year and sign up for her newsletter informing you of what and when things are going to take place. I am so glad that Lisa Swifka has decided to add another event even though One World One Heart will never happen again.
Anyway I am going to show you my first gift and Blogger today.

This is what came in my package, 3 small stones with writing on them. I love them and I needed this message on that day. I tend to forget sometimes with all of life a blur around me the most important things, Be open, be whole, and Love life. This was so perfect. 3 small stones filled with so much love and a powerful message.
They will remind me  of the message and the OWOH event for a long time to come.
You can get some of your own from Kim de Broin Mailhot, the Queen of Arts herself.
Her Etsy store is here. Or here

I also got from Kim a wonderful little hand written note and four "Love is" Note Cards.

Beautiful Cards with messages that sang to my soul, I was so happy to have gotten these.
I love them all but...
My Favorite is

I adore this one, how wonderful the message is. Maybe we can, that is what I am thinking. You and I can.
Kim also has a blog and you can find it here.
Or here
Thank you so much Kim, I like your style. I had a great time with OWOH and I had an even greater time when I got home and saw these.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Gosh I love these, how am I going to use them? I don't know if I want to give them away or send them out, I may have to frame them. To remind me all of the time.


  1. Welcome back, Marie! Congrats on the very nice prizes you received--framing them is a wonderful idea!

  2. Thank you very much Debbie, it is good to be back.
    I needed a little rest.
    I think framing is a great idea, they are all so sweet.

  3. i have a wonderful idea for your favorite kim card: send it to dear kj whose mailbox will light up in neon when it arrives. HAAHAHAHA! just kidding. the card is so precious as an alternative to dear kj perhaps you could send it to yourself. :)

    welcome back officially. welcome back after a couple of weeks of fun in the sun and fun in your heart.

    guess who :^)

  4. All I can say is lucky you!!! I love Kims work. Enjoy it!!!

  5. kj that sounds like a wonderful idea, but I can not decide which one to part with. LOL!
    All of the cards are wonderful and ful of meaning, I love that!!
    Thank you for the welcome back. I missed you!

  6. A much needed break is always good to finaly get around to. Catching up with relatives too. Its good to know your back and back in the work spirit too hun. Welcome back.

  7. I do feel very lucky, Lynn. I am so grateful I won.
    I can see why you love Kim's work, it is fabulous.
    I love it too!

  8. LOL!! I do not know how much of the working spirit I have Jonty, but I will try and muster something up!
    Thank you so much for the warm welcome Jonty. It is much appreciated.

  9. Welcome back Marie!
    You really should put them in nice frames ;-) Yes, the birds card is very beautiful with the message!

  10. Hi Marie !
    I am so glad you like your little pressies !
    I will be back for a visit now and again. I love your positive attitude !
    Welcome back to blogland !

  11. I love them Donna. they are all so unusual and wonderful.
    I think framing them is the best idea and then I can hang them in my studio and look at them all of the time.
    Thanks for the welcome back, I love it!

  12. Oh, thanks for visiting Kim.
    You are welcome here anytime.
    I will try to keep up my positive attitude. I do have my moments though.
    This is a good day! ;-D

  13. Welcome Back ;o) I love your gifts! Very precious ;o)

  14. Thanks Stacy! It is good to be back.
    I love my pressies too! They are so wonderful. I am going to share another tomorrow. I really got some wonderful things and I have fun with OWOH. I wish I could have visited more blogs though.

  15. oh these cards are gorgeous !!!! framing is a good idea there far to nice to give away hehehehe

  16. Welcome back Marie! I was very lucky with winning some OWOH gifts too. I so enjoyed the event and am already building some gorgeous new friendships because of it.

    Keep the cards all to yourself, you deserve them and yes indeedy frame them, have them near where you create.

  17. I love them too Laura.
    They are pictures of Kim's Collages, perfect for a card too.
    They look just like little paintings.

  18. Thanks Carmen it is good to be back even though being away was great too!
    My mom had a big party for my daughters and I and we had a blast with all of their friends. I did not want to leave my mom and dad though. I love them but I really like them too, they are fun people.
    Nice people.
    I loved OWOH too but I was all over the place during the time of it. I am hoping the next event that Lisa is having I will be more focas and "here" fo it. I was last year and I am still friends with a lot of thoase people. It is a wonderful internet social. I hope you will do next year too!

  19. I'm GLAD you're back, Marie. What wonderful gifts you received. It's so great to be able to see all the creative individuals out there! Enjoy! :) Theresa

  20. I am glad to be back Theresa. I missed everyone.
    I did get some awesome gifts, didn't I?
    I think that is what I enjoy about OWOH the most. I sit down and actually read everything, plan to and take the time off to go, and say something.
    I love the event for that.


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