Friday, March 27, 2009

Product Review and Giveaway: Lisa Pavelka Signature Series

Ok we have another awesome giveaway by

You have to just love this place with their great give aways and projects. Join them!
And besides they are all so nice. YAY!!! I love people like this. Thanks you guys for all your generosity and thanks Lisa Pavelka and JHB for yours!! Oh baby do these look like fun! Would you look at that zipper? Get on this now, the deadline is April 3rd.
click on this and read the review by Maria and leave your reply to be entered in to this awesome contest for these wonderful products to play with.
Posted by Caley on March 26th, 2009 at 11:42am
The Lisa Pavelka Signature Series JHB International includes a variety of tools for polymer clay: Border Molds, Texture Stamps, Craft Foil, Magic Gloss, Embossing Cutters, and Claying Around DVD.
Product Review By Maria Nerius

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  1. Marie
    I could not see where to put my comment on your words about Jilly.
    I hope this will be ok here. Your tribute to Jilly on her birthday( which is also my 3rd Daughters B/Day, She is 52, so I was thinking B/days too yesterday),it is so moving and only someone who has lost some one so close can really feel your hurt and sadness which I do, altho it is not really sadness as she is really still so very with you all. great memories and great pictures in you rminds to bring her into your life everyday.
    We often wonder why, only God knows, but they all have a reason for being and a reason for going on without us.
    I have heard that we learn things in this world to take on and all life is a learning process to be revealed in our other lives.
    I do believe these things as it helps you make some sense of why our very loved ones leave us when they do.
    Just to have known her would have given you a brilliant insight into love, I can see that.
    Elizabeth XXX


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