Monday, March 30, 2009

Coming together and creating...

Laurie Langhorn from Lorelei Designs is an incredibly talented artist and she has a way with findings, metal, and beads that just sings to me. She is also my buddy, which is how I first met her. I thought “I would love to do a collaborative piece with her” and then as what usually happens with me; I blurted that out in one of our conversations. It was one of those times when I thought, “OMG Marie, you have stuck your size 7 in your mouth yet again”. Well … after doing that all of my life, I tend to let it go and think “well if she wants to, she will and if not I will move on yet again”. But to my relief and wonder Laurie said “Really? How does this work?” YES!!!!!!
I sent her some stuff that she liked of mine and this is what her unique mind and talent came up with. Now I am saying to myself… "this is a gift and I am so glad that I asked her and maybe she doesn’t think I am a total loon” (well… maybe she does, but she is so gracious).
I love doing this with other artists; it is a way to see my work from the perspective of another mind and with their tools. It is a way to make my mind a bigger hard drive so to speak and to live outside of my self imposed rules and usually… it is always a gift, a wonder to behold and a way to expand, hopefully for everyone that is involved. I love a win-win and I think there is power and magic in these pieces. How can there not be? It is two or more minds coming together to create and that in itself and alone is magic, but when it is beautiful… it is blessed. Thank you Laurie for humoring me and I am forever better knowing you and your talent.

Find Laurie and her other wonderful works here:

As for me, the Carlos Santana of Polymer clay, I just want to jam with friends!!!

Another mind expanding collaboration I am lucky enough to have experienced is Gail Friend, also a and My space friend.

You can find Gail and all her wonderful work, beautiful attitude, and insight at,

Always a pleasure to play with, my sister-friend Dawn Schiller.

My favorite, Viktor

You can find Dawn and everything Oddfae at,

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