Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another Project

Pinata Ink Flowers and Leaves, here is another project someplace else. This is a good one if you just want to try one color of clay, you know test drive it, and have Pinata inks already (if not Howard carries them, pinatas and porcelain white Cernit). The flowers and leaves are completely colored with the inks. The color that I am using is the porcelain White or the regular white, the one that is a sort of frosted glass type clay in look. You can also do this with the opaque white Cernit for a completely different look!

The Pinata inks are a wonderful product to add to any artist's tool chest, because they can be used on almost anything. I am though careful when using them on something that alcohol is solvent to. I have great luck with metals, glass, polymer clay, some plastics, and fabrics. They are translucent, so color shows through them, especially on the lighter colors.

With Cernit clay they can be added and layered or added to the surface for coloration of the clay.

As in these Inkling Beads, this is a pay for project that can be found at


  1. These are lovely! I actually bought some sculpey at Joanne's the other day but with trying to get ready for Christmas, I haven't had a chance to try it. I can't wait till things settle back down so I can finally play with it.

  2. Have a wonderful and beautiful Christmas filled with warmth and love Jax, blessings all over you for now and the new year!
    Love and Light,

  3. Thanks Marie! I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and New Year too!
    Jax :)

  4. Marie,
    The Pinata Ink Flowers and Leaves looks like the project you taught last year at CFCF2008. I took that class and just loved making the flowers and leaves. I get a lot of comments on how beautiful the beads look and no one can believe they are made from clay.

    I will have to check out your other lessons. You have such a wonderful teaching style.


  5. It is Beth!! Thank you so much for taking my class. Thank you so much for the wonderful words, what a beautiful present.
    Blessings all over you my dear and may your Holidays be filled with Love.


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