Thursday, March 15, 2012

My classes at Cabin Fever and a update

I am in Florida visiting my parents. Sorry I haven't been around lately. I have been having so much fun and I left almost immediately after Cabin Fever Clay Festival, so it was very hard to get a blog in.
Here is what I started before I left.
I miss you all.
Love and huge hugs,

I must say that I am thrilled with my classes at Cabin Fever. I am tired, but thrilled.
Judging by what my students did, the classes went very well.
These are creative vibrant women and they learned so fast.
These are from the AM class.
The top row second from left is a heart that is antiqued but not finished with Lumiere.
The two hearts in the bottom row on the right side that are neutral are what the hearts look like not having the antiquing or the Lumiere.
The others have been painted and finished all the way.
They did well didn't they?



  1. Glad you are having fun, Marie. It's good to hear from you. :) Your students are quite talented! But then again, they have a great teacher. :)

  2. Hi Marie. I have missed you! Glad your classes went well and that you are having fun in Florida. My son lives in Jacksonville. Sure would like to be there myself.

  3. Hi My Friend! You are a wonderful teacher, look at all that talent you have inspired! Super glad to hear that you are able to spend time with your mama and dad. That is wonderful! And the weather here is pretty too, that doesn't hurt either. Have missed you!


  4. They did do very well, but they had a good teacher, too!

  5. The results are great, the hearts are lovely!


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